Sharing a real e-mail thread that really touched my heart.  It was just what I needed tonight!

A fellow therapist sent this link to me:


I responded with:

Thank you. A well timed e-mail.  “A” was kicked out of gymnastics (again…this makes one boot from ballet and two from gymnastics) for her poor attention span and the girls both had to quit their music lessons because of a new conflict with our new foster sister…when lessons were.  I was really bummed about all of this  AND I was able to see how having less on our plate could be a really big blessing.  We have been doing more art projects and play dates.  Music can wait 🙂

Have you ever watched Avatar? It is a really cool movie to watch once trained in mindfulness, all about connectivity and slowing down. In the movie, the “advanced” society views the avatar’s society as less than, stupid, etc…when really, they have it all figured out.  Slow down, connect with one another and connect to the earth.  I thought of that when the article mentioned “how are you”…like really…not “how busy are you”, but “how is your heart?”
Thank you!  PS…how are you?
Here is a clip from avatar:
In the film, “I see you” means so much more than just laying eyes on one’s physical body.  It means I see your soul, I see who you are, I see what you believe in and what you can become.  It reminds me of the undying and pure love of a parent with a newborn.  I see you… meaning I see and I know everything about you, and that information is safe and loved.
Isn’t that what we all really want?

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